Have you ever watched your staff as guests enter your accommodation?

Do they stop what they are doing and greet your guests with a smile, enthusiasm and a friendly welcome?

In this on-line world of ours it is becoming rare to have face to face contact with anyone when making travel plans. The first people we see to discuss your accommodation is you or your staff, on the day we arrive. It’s a nerve wracking choice, using online Channels to find the perfect getaway. Accommodation provider’s websites are filled with bright sunny photos, people in skimpy swimwear in hotel pools, long white sandy beaches and the accommodation options are endless. But once we have made that choice and that choice is your property, it is your opportunity to boost guest satisfaction, keep them coming back and telling as many people as they can about what a great friendly place they stayed at. This of course leads to positive reviews and direct bookings.

Your accommodation doesn’t have to be the best of the best if you have friendly staff that are willing to go the extra mile for your guests.

There is nothing more off putting for a traveller than when they finally arrive at their destination to not be acknowledged on arrival. Whether it’s a hotel, B and B or anywhere in between first appearances matter and a friendly face in a strange new place is sometimes all it takes for the weary traveller to start to relax and enjoy their surroundings. Staff can become so involved with the daily tasks of running an accommodation destination that sometimes they seem to forget what the most important part of their job is – Greeting each and every guest on arrival and throughout their stay!

Having searched through hundreds of accommodation provider websites it now seems the only way to differentiate yourself is by what the reviews say. Time and time again I have read reviews with the focus on the welcome that was received at the time of arrival and staff friendliness throughout the stay. How hard can that be?

Big smiles and enthusiasm can’t be trained, you can teach an employee every facet of your business but you can’t train honest hospitality, it is up to you to find the right person when hiring. Smiling makes you appear more approachable and it doesn’t take much to bring a smile to our face, all you need is someone smiling at us first, which releases endorphins which makes us happier, we then walk through your accommodation with a smile and other guests see that and before you know it everyone is smiling and enjoying their surroundings. Have you ever tried not smiling at someone who is smiling at you? It’s virtually impossible and why wouldn’t your guests want to smile they are on holidays and why wouldn’t your staff want to smile? They have a great job working for you and if they keep smiling and working, life will only get better for them.

It’s not all up to the front desk, a quick smile and a brief question from any staff member be it the gardener, the maintenance man or housekeeping; How is your day? Are you going somewhere amazing today? Unless your staff instigate a friendly word or conversation how else will these interactions take place? It’s not up to the guest to approach staff. Having approachable, happy staff is all it takes to keep guests smiling and also allows them the opportunity to mention if there is something they are unhappy about which can then be easily rectified. Better to mention concerns to you or your staff and have the issue remedied immediately than to have your guest not feeling they can approach anyone to talk about an issue with. They then go home and mention it to friends, family and reviewers.

Always make eye contact and smile at all of your guests you will be surprised at the outcome.

Do you feel like there are never enough hours during the day to greet each and every customer that walks through your door?

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