Well, I can assure you the answer to that question is a firm yes!

Have you ever gone to book a hotel room and found 30 different options and had an extremely difficult time understanding the difference between all the options? – You’re not alone! In the modern world we tend to think the more purchasing options the better, and think that we should give prospects all the available options because that’s what they want. In fact, excessive choice can actually have the total opposite effect. There are a number of studies out their which can validate this and some even conclude that reducing consumer choice can reduce anxiety for shoppers. (The Paradox of Choice – B. Schwartz)

Providing prospects with too many options prolongs the sales cycle and often travellers pick the default option or they stall the booking process, in an even worst situation they don’t pick an option at all… If your lucky enough to convert the traveller, there is a good chance they will feel unsatisfied and wondering if they made the correct decision.

How many is too many.

The golden question, its hard to establish a blanket rule that can be suitably applied to all Accommodation businesses as there are quite a few factors that may change the “golden” number e.g. Target market, typical customers, Property Extras etc. As a general rule, reservation managers should be preforming the booking process themselves, to valuate how many times a guest is required to make a decision before they complete their reservation. Its also very important to get feedback from customers who booked direct – This is where customer feedback surveys come in handy.

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Remember sometimes less is more…

If you want to offer your guests more options without the endless rateplan clutter, get yourself a decent booking engine for your property’s website that allows you to sell Extras at the checkout after they have selected their room.  For more information contact Allotz Autopilot for a f