Have you ever walked past a shop window and been amazed by the thought and effort put into the window display or, have you stopped and looked at an outfit in a shop window and thought that’s nice? I can almost guarantee that I’m correct!

So, you may be thinking why on earth are we talking about shop windows? That has nothing to do with the accommodation industry… Wrong! Your shop front in the accommodation industry is your websites homepage!! You as an accommodation provider need to utilise this “window” space to your advantage. So how do we do that? You need to start applying shop front window thinking to your website.

The trap many small business owners and accommodation providers fall into is neglecting their website. Many people think developing their website is a one-off exercise and a set and forget process, little do they know that’s probably the worst thing they can do for search engine optimization and customer retention.  Your website needs to be cared for and nurtured, this means updating content regularly especially if you are a e-commerce business which most accommodation providers are.

Simple steps to spruce up your website

Show off your building

Use your properties features to your advantage, I’m sure you all have something unique about your building e.g. if you have a beautiful pool, tennis court or gym etc. ensure you have pictures of your unique feature on the homepage of your website.


Sit down with your team, partner or who ever else is involved in the business and plan what you would like your homepage to look like. This process should be done on a annual basis – so you are pretty much planning your website for the year. Your homepage pictures etc. should be changed on a minimum of a monthly basis, think of promotions or messages you can insert into a designated section of your website, this will really help with customer engagement.

Use seasons to your advantage

This is a really simple step that can add lots of value to your business, taking advantage of seasons and events, and promoting them on your homepage. E.g. at Christmas time put some festive decorations on your homepage, customers love little things like that.

Link social media pages

Firstly, if you don’t have a Facebook page you need to stop reading this and immediately make one! If you do have Facebook or any social media pages, great work you are definitely doing your bit to compete in the market! Now that you should all have social media go ahead and link all your social media sites to your homepage, so when a customer clicks on the icon they are directed to your social media page. Just so you know, social media is the same as a website its needs constant updating and interaction.

So, there you have it, 4 very simple steps that will help you utilise your online shop window. If you would like any help with your social media marketing, request a demo on the Allotz.com website and a consultant will show you how you can fully AUTOMATE your social media marketing and sales!