As I’m sure most if not all accommodation providers know and understand the importance of having Wi-Fi in their accommodation building. Did you know that Millennials and the younger generation consider a good Internet connection just as important as (if not more Important than) hot water…

A Recent survey conducted by Hillary Blinds Involved asking 2,465 18- 25 year olds or Millennials to rank what is most important to them, this ranged from a good nights sleep, freedom of speech, day light etc. Of course the Internet was a question.  Surprisingly, the Internet came in at number two – a whopping 69% of Millennials voted the internet as the most important thing to them. If you must know, number one was freedom of speech at 81 % and hot water came in a 57%.

What does this mean? A good and FREE Internet connection is truly the key to guest satisfaction. For business travellers free Wi-Fi is considered an absolute must and it can often be the deciding factor when picking a hotel. Leisure travellers often view Wi-Fi in in a similar way, just because they aren’t working doesn’t meant they don’t need the Internet!

Ok, so I think I’ve got my point across, Free Wi-Fi is essential to every accommodation business. The next step is quality. – There is almost no point at all in offering free Wi-Fi to your guests if they cannot effectively use it… The Internet speed must be fast and not just in the far-right corner of the lobby. – Get a reliable connection and allow guests to use it in the privacy of their room, at breakfast or by the pool – everywhere a guest goes they should be connected!

If you haven’t read The Importance of free Wi-Fi in the Accommodation Industry

Check it out and listen to your guests needs and wants!

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