Generation Z also known as iGen can be defined as patrons born between 1996 and 2010, or the demographic after the Millennials. Gen Z are typically known for their widespread use of the internet and social media interaction from a young age.

Therefore, the eldest people in this range are 21 and more then capable of purchasing accommodation without their parents input, are you prepared?

The Greatest impact this will have on accommodation providers is their interaction with technology and social media as they think differently to other generations so, accommodation providers have a lot to learn from them.

How to prepare your Accommodation Business for Generation Z:

Be Tech Savvy: 

Generation Z have grown up in a world full of technology that is constantly advancing and changing, if your technology (booking capabilities) is ancient and not user friendly don’t be surprised if you don’t receive direct bookings from them.

Be competitive: 

With the likes of travel comparison search engines i.e. Trivago it is important to be across your competitors pricing and your own rate parity. Gen Z are savvy shoppers they can price match your accommodation building from their smartphone or tablet within minutes.

Free Wifi:

Charging for Wifi is rude and unacceptable to Gen Z, despite the fact that they all have smartphones and tablets with Internet capabilities they require FREE Wifi in their room to even consider staying at your property.

Speed is also important, there is no point in having Free Wifi if the guests can’t use it or even load a page, yes it does happen! Moreover getting a good quality Internet connection with lots of data isn’t going to be a big cost to the business, Gen Z guests considers it almost as important as hot water.

Use Social Media:

For a lot of Accommodation businesses social media is very much a new thing, however Gen Z live and breathe it. They want to be able to check-in and tag themselves at your property when they arrive, so it’s important to have active social media pages they can use. Be smart, if you have a social media page and guests check-in tag themselves its really free advertising for your business. If anything, you want to encourage them to reach out through social media.

Once you have a following on social media it’s important to advertise your specials and promotions through your pages, Gen Z are very likely to engage with these advertisements and promotions as they are constantly on social media.

For some accommodation buildings Generation Z may not be their desired target market, regardless of that these four steps are important to implement into any accommodation business, the only possible outcome is more bookings.

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