A typical traveller will visit multiple websites comparing prices before making a final purchase decision, this should be expected with the flexibility and availability of the Internet.

Meta-Search engines have changed the way users price match for hotels, by giving users the ability to search multiple sites at the same time on the one site. They do this by scanning hotel rates and availability on other websites and online travel agents, then consolidating rates and availability onto the one easy to read webpage. Once the user has used the Meta-Site to search for the best rate they are then directed (by the Meta-Site) to the online travel agent or website to continue with the booking process and make payment.

Interestingly Meta-Sites do not take payment from the user; in fact they actually bill the online travel agent… The way it works is Meta-Search websites generate revenue from advertising and then billing the online travel agents for the referrals they direct.

So, why are they so important?

Increased competition with price transparency

Pricing transparency: The ability to know all of the asking prices, bidding prices, trading prices and quantities of a stock, good or service at any point in time. 

This is basically self-explanatory, Meta-Sites give consumers access to all the available prices therefore, consumers have the competitive advantage and are able to book the best possible price at any given time. Thus increasing competition with the online travel agents.

Improves value to online consumer

If you say you don’t like bargains I would be very surprised because most people do and most people actively search for bargains when making a purchase. The beauty of Meta-Sites is that consumers don’t have to search for the “bargain” therefore; they are able to make a quicker purchasing decision. What does this mean for the hotelier? more bookings! Consumers aren’t spending days or weeks looking for the perfect price they are more then likely going to book there and then.

Moreover, Meta-sites are a useful tool for hotels and all accommodation providers large and small. Embrace the marketing tool and appreciate the bookings even if there is a small commission involved.

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