Virtual reality has the potential to reshape many industries, particularly the accommodation industry, where visual appeal is a key selling point.

We are seeing virtual reality pop up more and more in everyday life, but what changes can we expect to see?

Try before you buy

Virtual reality gives customers the ability to investigate properties and their location in a 3 Dimensional environment. What this means is customers will soon be able to take virtual tours of the property and their rooms, essentially trying the property, room and location before they spend a cent.

Showcasing room types – a great upsell opportunity

As I’m sure everyone recognises, choosing between room types can be a difficult task and it can be hard to determine exact differences between room types. Virtual reality gives the prospective customer the opportunity to virtually walk through each available room type. This gives them greater opportunity to make the correct choice for their needs. The hotel has the ability to showcase premium rooms to entice guests to upgrade their room.

Travel Agencies have the upper hand

Booking a holiday with a travel agent is about to get very interactive! The days of looking at maps and images trying to get a feel of the property and location will soon be a thing of the past. In the near future travel agents will be able to virtually take you to your destination before you book, by offering their customers virtual experiences of the destination and potential hotels right there in the store. Although this is a fantastic tool to look forward to, I’m not sure if this makes holiday decisions easier or harder…

How can we adapt this fast growing technology to the accommodation industry?

Increased expectations:

The only downside for virtual reality is that travellers will more then likely have increased expectations of hotels. It’s very important that hotels exceed the expectations and offer luxury experiences that go above and beyond for their guests. Having clean rooms with great amenities and personalised service is essential! Customers are expecting their experience to be even better than their virtual reality experience. Go the extra mile!

Get tech ready:

If you don’t already have your accommodation business on autopilot, its time to start! Automating your rates and reservations is a starting point to getting your accommodation business tech ready! Contact Allotz Autopilot today for a free demo of our Automated Channel Manager and Automated Yield Manager solution.

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