You have the money, the time – and the need for some upgrading is certainly there. But where do you start? What are the best places to invest, if you have limited funds and a seemingly never-ending to-do list? After all, this is the revenue that you worked so hard to earn with your labor to turn this hotel into what it is. Now that you are making a profit, it is great to put some of that back into the hotel. But it is also vital to know where exactly to put it.

Small or Large?

It is obviously essential to first address any major problems. For example, if there is any work that needs to be done on the building itself (such as new windows or a new roof) this should obviously come before minor details. But if these larger upgrades aren’t necessary, then how do you choose between smaller upgrades? The key is to prioritize and choose to upgrade first what will improve the customer’s experience the most.

Upgrade for More Revenue

An upgrade that will bring in more revenue in the long run is the right choice – and can be something you advertise that brings in more customers. So, consider something that will sound very attractive to potential guests, and set you apart from other hotels. Make people want to stay in your hotel rather than anywhere else around.

Of course, it is also essential that once they stay they want to come back, and tell all their family and friends to do so as well. So another wonderful place to put your money is in making sure that their stay – likely their room, as this is where most of their time is spent – meets high standards.

Upgrading Rooms

If you can do anything to further the impression guests get of a clean, new room when they walk inside, then do it. It is not as important that furniture be replaced in an upgrade – you can paint old wood to make it appear new. Often it is the fact that the room doesn’t appear to be old and worn out that will make guests feel like this is a place they can stay. So old carpet that clearly looks worn? That would be a wonderful choice for an upgrade.

Unfortunately – or fortunately, depending on the circumstances – the floor of a room can make a huge first impression and lasting impression. The floor, and whatever is on it, takes up so much space that it is a very apparent part of the décor. So, even with some brand new fancy lamps, that old carpet is going to stand out – and even with one stain, it is going to inevitably give guests the impression of old, rather than new. And remember that with the feeling of old can often come the feeling of dirtiness when you are in a place that you’re not familiar with.

Upgrade to Compete

If you feel that your hotel is behind the competition in any way, make your upgrade something that will bring you right up alongside them – so that you are now truly competing. You will attract more people to your hotel if they don’t have a reason to go elsewhere. Upgrade to include any modern amenities that you may be lacking – or just upgrade what you already have to make it even more modern. Modern technology is always a good idea for bringing in more people and keeping them.