Traffic, Lead Capture and Conversion for Hotel Bookings

There is a fairly simple 3 Step model for converting clients at a better rate than simply directing them to the home page of your website. This is about gaining the right traffic, getting them onto your database, follow-up marketing with an automated system. This is a system that, when refined, will increase your sales and also boost your customer satisfaction.

So let’s take a look at this 3 part system and how you can apply it to your business.

1.     Traffic

We all know that in order to get sales (or to start the sales process) you need to get visitors, or traffic to your website. Many believe that once you get traffic that lack of sales will be solved. Nothing could be further from the truth. Not just any traffic will do, it must be targeted traffic. This means that if you are selling hotel rooms in Nashville Tennessee, you want visitors that are looking for just that – hotels in Nashville. Even better people that are looking to book a room right away. There is no use having unqualified traffic e.g. people looking for used cars in Paris, France. If this were the case, you won’t have a hope in hell of selling them a room, because they will just not in the market for it.

So where do you get targeted traffic from? There are a number of ways. Facebook Ads, Facebook News Feeds, Adwords – which are all forms

I know, I know… before you go crazy saying “but paid traffic is too expensive!” I just want to jump into say, that all traffic is too expensive is – it doesn’t convert.

Sure you can pay through the nose for search engine optimization, link building, article writing an so forth, but after 6 – 8- months you may have the traffic that you had hoped for, but you will still not have the converted sales. Not to mention that the search engines can change their algorithm at the drop of a hat, taking you all the way back to square one. This doesn’t happen with paid traffic – it is consistent, reliable and measurable.

You see, with paid traffic, you can always test and measure and work out your costings and conversions to a tee. Once you have your marketing machine refined and you know your numbers there’s no stopping you.

With paid traffic, you want it to get to such a fine art, that you know for every $1 you spend on ads, you get $4 back. Paid traffic allows you to scale your business.

I will explain the finer points of paid traffic in a coming article.

2.     Lead Capture

Now, this part is important. You need to send your paid traffic to a lead capture page. A lead capture page is a separate page from the other pages of your site. It is usually has an enticing headline, 5 or 6 bullet pointed benefits and a bright opt-in box where visitors can add their name and email. The Lead Capture page is specifically designed to entice

However, you can’t just expect visitors that land on your Lead Capture page to give you’re their personal details for nothing. You have to bribe them with an offer that they can’t refuse – not like the Godfather, but more of a bribe. Something that will provide them with a massive benefit. Perhaps you could entice visitors to an amazing local guide. So after they enter their name and email address, they get to download it.

3.     Conversion

Now, that you have bribed your prospects (ethically, of course), and their name and details are on your database system. You will need to follow them up with more interesting information, offers – yes! Basically more (ethical) bribes to get them to convert to a valued customer.

The great news with this step is that depending on your marketing system, sending of emails can be automatically sent by the email broadcast system. A great automated emailing system is, or – these usually cost approximately $20 per month. Believe me, it is worth it.

4.     Refinement

I know I said that it was a 3 step system, well it is really, at least for the setup. The fourth step is more of an improvement process – hey… that kind of made sense!

Anyway, as I was saying, this step involves testing absolutely everything. Testing the offer, testing the headline, testing the traffic sources and the content on the Lead Capture page. Be sure to test one element at a time. Use split testing as a way to test one headline against the other, one headline against the other – this is the best formula to work out exactly what on your page converts the best.

This stage essentially is a little like detective work – to find out what works and what doesn’t. When you find the best possible converting formula, and you know that you are onto a winner, then and only then, can you increase your advertising spend. You will be then able to scale your bookings and your business.