facebook marketing tipsThere is no doubt that social media plays an important part in any accommodation provider’s marketing strategy to raise brand awareness and to encourage direct room bookings to avoid paying commissions to Channel, OTAs and GTSs’.

With Facebook leading the way in social media, I have prepared  the Top 7 Facebook Marketing Tips that all hoteliers need to know:

1. Facebook Web Address
Make sure that you have a memorable and relevant Facebook Web Address.  You can edit your Facebook Page information in the settings to have a URL like this:

A good Facebook Web Address makes it a lot easier to include on business cards, website links and other promotional material. It is also more memorable than the standard URL.

2. Let Visitors know who you are
When you do updates and create posts, let Facebook users know who and your staff are. Hotels often promote their logo and photos, but neglect to introduce their new staff, celebrate birthdays, etc.

Be sure to update interesting information of staff, such as promotions, welcome messages for new employees, birthdays. It is important to let Facebook users see that you are real people behind your company.

3. Professional Cover Image
This is about professionalism. Make sure that the Cover Image on your hotel’s Facebook page is a professional photo. A low quality photo can make Facebook users turn away before they even see what you offer. A professional photo will attract users’ attention and encourage them to read more about your hotel.

4. Run Competitions
Start a fun competition. As a requirement of the competition, you should require Facebook users to share the competition on their Facebook Timeline and Like your Facebook page. This is a great example of viral marketing.

5. Post Videos
With the capability of video and the internet it is amazing how many hotels are not taking advantage of the power of video. Take videos of your amenities, rooms and even the areas that surround your hotel. This can have a dramatic effect on bookings, because it provides visitors the most accurate representation of you hotel and its location.

6. Create Facebook Polls
As with any marketing campaign, market research and market testing is essential. There is no easier way to test your Facebook marketing efforts than with a Facebook Poll. By starting a Poll, you will be able to uncover feedback about a recent event, or even do market research on what Facebook users value more; a free breakfast or airport transfers, etc.

7. Offer Valuable Information
Post quality information that is useful to Facebook users. Try to focus on providing value. Quality information could include local information such as holiday news. Remember that visitors to your hotel will not be staying in your hotel their entire vacation. If you post information on local travel spots and tips, then you will attract a lot more attention to your hotel.