The Millennial generation is known for being unique, they place a high level of importance on being culturally rich and growing their identity through experiences. What this means is they are avid travellers, adventure seekers and experience lovers – the perfect candidate for marketing holidays too! So, who are they; a millennial is someone born between 1980-2000 and luckily for accommodation businesses they represent the largest generation to date.

So, here’s how can you get new and repeat millennial travellers to your accommodation business:


Instagram is the fastest growing social media platform right now and no surprise, millennials love it too! Get your property on Instagram and post photos regularly, all the big brand hotels are using this to their advantage so why shouldn’t you! The beauty of the platform is not only can you post on your profile but others can too. Well, not directly but they can certainly tag or #hashtag your property, which will make the images visible to others.

Mobile friendly

Firstly, if your properties website isn’t mobile friendly, it needs to be now. Stop everything and call your IT person!!! Being mobile friendly is extremely important I think I made that point. What you might not know is it is far more important for millennials, believe it or not most millennials will book their accommodation from a mobile device. Therefore, not being mobile friendly indirectly gives your potential booking to your competition…


As mentioned above, millennials are known for being unique therefore, personalisation is important and millennials like to feel important! Some simple ways to personalise an experience:

–       Personalised emails

–       Personalised messages

–       Personalised welcome message (in room) when they check-in

–       Personalised departure emails (what a perfect time to ask for an online review)

The simplest of things will go along way!

Value for money and loyalty programs

Millennials love value for money; they are avid online shoppers who know how to save a quick buck! They are also looking for this value for money when traveling! A great way to offer this to your millennials is with loyalty programs. Loyalty programs can be tricky, you cannot just have a random loyalty program that consumers cannot ever cash out on, you need to incentivise them to stay, make your loyalty programs worthwhile to the consumers – they need to be able to cash out for their loyalty!

A great opportunity to get millennials back to your property is with personalised emails offering them things such as a free upgrade for being loyal etc. use your imagination!

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