As every accommodation provider knows, online reviews are an essential part of every business and they are especially important for hotels, motels, apartments and holiday homes. The problem most of us face is trying to get satisfied people to complete online reviews – we all know that angry or dissatisfied guests have no problem filling them in…. 

How to get your guests to complete online surveys 


This may come as surprise, the majority of guests are willing to complete online reviews it’s the simple fact that they haven’t been asked to do so… You don’t get if you don’t ask! After all, the worst they can say is no.

Ok, now you know that, you should be asking guests to do these surveys, the question is when? It is advisable to choose your time wisely. For example; you’ve just gone out of your way to ensure the guest is satisfied, they can see that you’ve tried very hard, so, why not ask then? The problem is, most people would be nervous or shy to ask then, however, there is absolutely nothing wrong with doing it! In fact, asking after the guest is satisfied actually increases your chances of getting a positive online review.

Make it easy

No matter how satisfied your customers are they are never going to review your property if it isn’t easy to do so. It is very important to make online reviews easy, send your guests a link via email, text message or even give them a tablet at check out. Make it quick and easy and you will get better results.

Follow up with your customers

So, your guests have had a great time, they are satisfied and they were asked to complete an online survey on checkout, that’s it right? Incorrect!  There is absolutely nothing wrong with following up your guests once they have checked out. A simple email can really go along way, thank them for staying and let them know you would really appreciate their feedback with a link to an online survey – it’s really that simple. It’s surprising how many people would have forgotten with the stress of travelling etc. A Simple reminder does not hurt!

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