Social media has had a massive impact on our lives, we often turn to our devices for the simplest of tasks e.g. deciding on weekend activities, finding a local plumber or picking a restaurant. This is no different for hotels or travel destinations! Prospective travellers are turning to social media now more then ever for travel advice in all aspects of traveling. It is now more essential then ever to have your accommodation business online using social media.

Three ways accommodation businesses can benefit from Social media:

Reaching new customers

Having a good strong social media presence is definitely in your favour, updating your followers with upcoming events, specials and promotions is a great way to reach new customers. If existing followers see something they like they more then likely share the information via their social media platform or tell their friends directly. As a result, you will then likely attract new guests to your property.

All accommodation providers should be using social media to their advantage, you simply cannot afford to miss out on new business through social media.

Marketing, Branding & Advertisement

As we all know marketing and advertisement can be a very expensive undertaking. Thankfully, businesses have social media at their fingertips to reduce the financial strain.

Social media gives accommodation providers the ability to reach their target market by directly targeting advertising campaigns to a specific demographic, age group, gender etc. Therefore, accommodation providers can simply and affectively reach their target market using social media – of course this comes at a cost but there are also free tools such as Facebook analytics at your disposal.

Branding, social media allows you to convey your brand across multiple platforms: website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. This enables you to affectively demonstrate a strong brand image and persona to your followers.

Direct Bookings

Of course if you have followers on social media and you are advertising to them, you will ultimately get direct bookings at some stage. This all comes down to the way you promote your special offers and the strategies you use to drive your target market to your property. Its essential that accommodation providers advertise their website and booking engine URL on all social media pages.

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