In recent years, heartbreaking acts of terrorism have occurred around the world, these events have severely impacted the tourism industry and has affected peoples’ decision on when and where to travel. The countries affected are now experiencing visitor numbers falling dramatically.

Speak to the majority these days and they all say the same thing, “I used to love overseas travel but after the recent terror attacks I have decided it is safer to travel in my own country.” This is a terrible turn of events for the countries affected at this time, but one that is having a positive outcome for accommodation in Australia.

With more Australians choosing to travel domestically and international travellers now more than ever finding appeal in visiting our relatively safe shores, it is a fantastic opportunity to enjoy these additional bookings from a new sector of tourists we may not have acquired, if the world had not realised what a safe protected country we have. For the first time in decades, safety and security is being rated as an important factor when selecting a destination.

A study by Tourism Research Australia completed to June 2016 has found an increase for International travel up an enormous 14% to $38.1billion and domestic travel up 7% from the previous year to $78.5 billion total expenditure. Total tourism spend has risen by a massive $9.6 billion in a year. Giving the Australian tourism industry a much-needed increase in all areas.

Interestingly the study found that travellers are participating in far more outdoor, nature based and cultural activities than ever before. Going to the beach has risen 14% to 22.2million, bushwalking and rainforest walks up 13% and 6.6million people are now choosing to visit our museums and galleries. There is also an increase in health-related activities such as cycling and running.  Australia has so much to offer in this area, with our wide-open spaces, amazing beaches and pristine bush land. Walking tracks are incredibly well maintained and the beaches clean and inviting, we have it all and the popularity of Australia is only going to increase. More sedentary pursuits such as visiting casinos and going to the movies have declined allowing for more of our outdoor activities to be utilised.

It is now so important to link your accommodation with Australian tourism sites and keep active on the local market in general. Australians are now travelling more than ever around this great country of ours with domestic overnight trips increasing by 14%. There has also been an astounding 10.7 million trips made interstate for holiday purposes. This is the largest number of interstate holiday trips since Tourism Research Australia began their research in 1998.

Once again it all comes back to maintaining a presence on both the domestic and international market. Keep your website up to date, fresh and interesting, people that may have contemplated visiting your accommodation in the past may now be reconsidering domestic holidays again. Stay active with your social media presence as it is more likely that your domestic clients and their friends will be talking more about their latest overnight or weekend getaways. There is now more opportunity to receive direct bookings from a more local market, as well as overseas travellers from your channel managers acquiring new and active exciting travellers who may have never experienced all that Australia has to offer.

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