The National Hotel Marketing Conference 2015

The national hotel marketing conference provides a platform to rub shoulders with over 200 marketing managers, sales executives, general marketers, suppliers, hotel executives operators. The conference is unique in the provision of the latest methods, tips, skills and modus operandi in hotel marketing in the UK. It brings together like minded individuals and groups with the aim of improving marketing of individual hotels and hotel groups.  Industry experts are at hand to provide top notch information, presentations, talks and practical solutions to challenges facing hotel sales marketing.


the national hotel marketing conferenceThe national hotel marketing conference was founded in 2004. It grew steadily and has ever since has attracted more industry players gradually over the years.  The 2 entities behind the conference are the Chartered Institute of Marketing and Tourism Business limited. The conference is also supported by other major leading industry associations and media entities.


This year the organizers have really outdone themselves with the strongest line-up and speakers at any UK marketing conference to date. Marketing and PR experts will be on hand to provide material relevant to 2015’s market.  Special attention is to be provided on how to utilize the latest methods in digital marketing.

Speakers and Presentation

In the past decade there has been a plethora of speakers at the conference who have provided valuable information to the participants. Last year (2014) the conference had 20 speakers.  Event organizer Martin Evans says “the conference provides an injection of marketing adrenalin that hoteliers need in what’s still a difficult marketplace.”  Some of the main speakers include;

  • Ed Purnell- Hotel Marketing Association Chairman.
  • Pamela Carvell- Conference Chairman and President of the Hotel Marketing Association.
  • Peter Hancock- Chief Executive of the Pride of Britain Hotels.  Mr. Hancock (from “the caterer” star columnist) has been slotted a 20 minute session to go through hotel marketing.


However, let’s take a look at what is happening this year:

Morning Presentations                                                                                                                           

  • Seminar 1-The Brand Journey
  • Seminar 3- Targeted one-to-one marketing-the mobile revolution.
  • Seminar 3 The A to Z to managing your social community= latest techniques on Twitter, Facebook and how to monetize your social media marketing

Lunch Seminars

  • Seminar 1-Attract more conferences! Sharpen your marketing in the lucrative e-conference, meetings and incentives market.
  • Seminar 2-Drones, webcams, videos, vines and virals. Top tips on using video to market your hotel.
  • Seminar 3- The analytics masterclass-20 things to turn your analytics into action.

Extra presentations

  • The Future Hotel PR with a leading light from the world of hotel and travel PR
  • Extra time-The dark arts of digital marketing- from online advertising Metesearch and Auction sites to smart Technology “lets raise the bar in hotel marketing with a look into the future.”

Event details

The event will be held at the Hilton at the National Football center, near St Burton-upon-Trent, Staffordshire. It takes place on Tuesday 14th April 2015.  Event registration starts at 09.00 am; event starts at the usual 10.00am and closes at 4.30pm.

The event is open for all.

Tickets are available from £195-245

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