Word- of-mouth marketing is an important part of any business, as every happy customer has the ability to bring in multiple new customers. If they are satisfied, the “new” customers have the ability to spread the word to their social network and bring in even more guests. – How great is Word-of-mouth! The reason word-of-mouth can be such a successful marketing tool is that guests must put their reputation on the line every time they make recommendation.  After all, the person recommending has nothing to gain except recommending someone else’s business.

Word- of- mouth definition:

Word of mouth marketing is verbal or written communication (marketing) from a satisfied guest, it is considered to be the oldest and most effective form of marketing and promotion. Word–of-mouth marketing takes place when anyone at anytime talks about your brand, refers to your brand, or even critiques your brand.

Four important factors of word-of-mouth


Building credibility or trust in any industry is a difficult thing to accomplish, it is always going to be a tricky part of a marketers job, it cannot be purchased! The beauty of word-of-mouth is that it automatically builds credibility and trust for your brand or hotel.


Building brand loyalty doesn’t have to be difficult, there are endless ways to keep customers loyal e.g. loyalty programs, incentives, discounts etc.

Interestingly, the majority of customers who receive a brand/ hotel referred from a friend are more likely to stay again and remain loyal as opposed to a guest who found your hotel on their own. – Word-of- mouth is a very powerful tool.

Competitive Advantage

Word-of-mouth has the ability to boost sales and profits whilst saving time money and stress. – It’s a free marketing tool.


Word-of-mouth marketing has the ability to create a “hype” or “buzz” about your brand/property, lets take GoPro for example: their marketing team searches the internet for the best videos shot with their cameras, which they then use for their marketing campaigns. This is an extremely good use of word-of-mouth marketing.

Word-of-mouth marketing isn’t a new concept, it’s been around forever – with the emerging use to social media and online reviews it’s now easier then ever for a customer to spread the word!  Word-of-mouth marketing is a valuable tool for every business therefore, embrace the free tool and keep your guests happy!

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