With a technologically advancing society Wi-Fi is becoming a necessity instead of a need so, lets start with the facts of what your guests really want:

Free, Fast and accessible Wi-Fi.

It’s that simple, these three factors will keep your guests happy and ensure they return to your property and don’t book with your competitors.

The Internet is quickly becoming a daily necessity to almost everyone so, why should we change this when we are on holidays! When traveling overseas we often incur astronomical data roaming charges, to avoid this travellers significantly limit Internet access or even keep their mobile phones off for the duration of their trip. What this means for Accommodation Providers is; as soon as a guest arrives at their hotel or Apartment building, the first thing they think about doing is going to their room and connecting to the Internet.

Top three reasons why Wi-Fi is so important to travellers:


Communication is extremely important to travellers however, it can be very expensive to stay in touch while overseas! Most travellers rely on applications such a Viber, Skype, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to stay in touch with their friends and family, all these applications have one thing in common – They require the Internet! Most guests consider Free Wi-Fi an essential amenity when choosing a hotel, gone are the days of free breakfast or complimentary late checkout Wi-Fi is the new essential. Don’t get me wrong, free breakfast and late checkouts are also very nice luxuries, it just seems that free Wi-Fi is rapidly taking over.


With remote work on the rise working while overseas isn’t uncommon anymore, Accommodation Providers should be aware of this and accommodate all guest (practically business travellers) with complementary Wi-Fi. This will no only attract business travellers to your property, it will prompt them to stay on the premises and work rather then venture outside for free Wi-Fi. What does this mean for your property, guests will stay in the hotel café, bar or restaurant and work but they will also spend, at the end of the day I guarantee you will make more money from food and drinks then you would for the daily Internet fee. – It all balances out.

On-Trip Planning

Most Hotels have a concierge service but many apartment buildings do not have this feature. Giving guest free Wi-Fi allows them to book their tours, check-in for flights, find opening hours for attractions, the list goes on. I know you are probably thinking that you want them to book attractions and tours with you, lets me honest most guests are savvy shoppers – practically Generation Z. They are going to shop around and find the best price anyway so you might as well give them the tools to do so.

These are the top three reasons guests want free Wi-Fi when traveling to your Accommodation building, please don’t neglect your guests of their basic amenities – Free   Wi-Fi is the future.

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