Websites are a fine art; there is no doubt about that! They can be very expensive and every couple of years they need a revamp… Here are a few simple yet essential “must haves” for your accommodation website.

Domain Name

A domain name is how your prospects will find your website, unless of course they go through Google. It is essential to have an easy to remember and relevant Domain name that includes the name of your property. E.g. Creating a website with the domain name “Sydney Apartments” will do you no favour’s, its extremely competitive and there are thousands of Apartment buildings in Sydney. Having your property name as the domain name is much more memorable, customers will remember the property they are going to, subsequently, they will remember your website! It’s the only way to go!

Be Mobile

There is nothing more to say then It is absolutely essential to have a mobile friendly website! Not being mobile friendly comes with SEO penalties.

Above The Fold Is Your Most Valuable Space –Use It!

Optimising your website’s real estate is very important, it’s advisable to use your space above the fold wisely, feature your most important and relevant information there.

Booking Engine

Having a modern and appealing booking engine on your accommodation website is very necessary! Get a booking engine with promotion codes and extras; this is essential for competing with the OTA’s. If you haven’t already got a modern booking engine that supports extras, promotion codes, vanity URL’s etc. contact for a free demonstration of BookAllotz.

Quality not Quantity

Having good quality images on your website will make a world of difference, after all your website is essentially your shop front window. It will be worth the money to get a professional photographer to photograph your property. The images will not only be showcases on your website but also on OTA’s and TripAdvisor, even on your social media accounts etc.

Use Analytics

Google Analytics is a fantastic tool for tracking how your website is progressing. Use it to your advantage, it’s free!

For more information on how to run your accommodation business on Autopilot, or if you are looking for a great booking engine contact for a free demonstration of Allotz Autopilot.

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