As the Easter holidays are fast approaching, accommodation providers should be using this to their advantage and start focusing all marketing efforts around Easter, although it may not excite people as much as Christmas it’s still a good opportunity to get into the sprit and promote your business!

Follow these six egg-citing marketing tips to help promote your accommodation business over the Easter holidays:

1.    Easter specials/packages

As Easter and school holidays overlap it’s important to prepare Easter packages or specials to encourage prospects to visit your property. A key feature of this is having a sense of urgency e.g. Easter flash sale and If you really want to encourage bookings it may also be beneficial to add an extra like complementary breakfast. These packages will help to increase occupancy over this holiday; please don’t be afraid to try something different the sky is the limit!

2.    Use Easter promo codes.

Now that you’ve created your promotion/ package it’s time to link it to the booking engine on your website. – Hopefully most if not all accommodation providers have a website with a functional booking engine! Linking the package is simple; all you need to do create the promotion code in your channel manager software and apply it to the room type, all software is different however they should follow the simple format: Discount code, description, terms and conditions, restrictions and date range. There is no correct or incorrect way of implementing your package however, I’m a big fan of promotion codes as they give customers an exclusive feeling like they are receiving a deal that no one else is. Not only do they make customers feel special they are very adaptable as they can be removed or changed any time.

Booking engines on your website are a very valuable tool when undertaking specials and packages. – Please use your booking engine to it’s full potential, we all love direct bookings!

3.    Send Easter vouchers to past guests

One thing that I always tell accommodation providers is the importance of keeping a record of previous guests, if they had a good experience it’s easy to convert them again. Every time you create a promotion you should be emailing it to your previous guests, you might even want to make it more exclusive and state that this special offer is for repeat guests only.

4.    Decorate your website

A property’s website should be treated as their shop front window therefore, decorating your hotel’s website is very important and isn’t a massive task, however, it can have a big impact to visitor’s experiences. If you have a web developer who deals with your website it should only take them an hour to make it a bit festive. Alternatively, if you do it yourself and your website’s back end is user friendly, it shouldn’t be to tricky either. The smallest things have a big impact and visitors to your website will really notice the small things.

5.    Decorate your property

Decorating your property should be a priority, this is a simple task and your can probably get some decorations while doing your weekly food shop.  I would suggest having a little basket of Easter eggs on the front desk is a perfect touch.

6.    Decorate the rooms

Again this doesn’t need to be big just a simple touch like a small gift of Easter eggs on arrival. – This will go a long way especially for families with children.

Specials and packages are a big part of the accommodation business therefore, if you need help creating them of you would like to know more about a Channel manager with a great booking engine and promotion code functionality, contact us today for a free Demo of Allotz Autopilot.

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