If you’re thinking maybe you should refurbish the hotel but it can wait a year or so, it is almost definitely time to start planning and budgeting for it. The condition of your property is very important, all it takes are a few online reviews to damage your reputation and reduce the number of guests.

For most property owners and operators the first concern is closing the property for the renovation and losing potential revenue – this doesn’t have to be the case! A little spruce up and revamp honestly doesn’t require shutting your property down. This is where staging the renovation comes into place and most importantly, completing concentrated sections of the renovation before moving on to another. For example, lets say your property has a north and south wing, start with one wing (or even a section of that wing) so you only have workers and disruptions in one of the wings/sections of your property, that way guests can happily stay out of sight and out of mind of the renovation.

Follow these 8 simple tips for a smooth and successful renovation:

1. Inform the workers that we have guests staying, they need to be out of sight as best as they can i.e. no leaving tools and other equipment around

2. Designate a lunch and smoking area to the workers, away from the guests

3. If you can try and avoid the workers using the guest bathrooms and facilities e.g. the hotel restaurant

4. Renovate in low season and ensure it will be complete before peak season begins, that way you don’t have to close off rooms in high season

5. Stage the renovation

6. Pre plan and hire an interior designer and contractor for a smooth renovation

7. Put together a priority list of rooms or areas to renovate first

8. Plan loud renovation tasks in the middle of the day when most guests are not in their rooms

It’s no surprise that renovations are expensive and inconvenient at the time however, to be a successful you must keep your property up to date.

Below are some simple tips on how to save money in your renovation and how it will not require any “DIY” work – believe me I know how busy it can be as a property owner/manager.


This is an essential part of your renovation, you must research every aspect and process from contractors to cabinets, paint, energy saving lighting etc.  Use online shopping for materials and furniture – let your fingers do the walking.

Utilize what you’ve got

Firstly, not all renovations need to be expensive; it’s amazing what a coat of paint can do to old furniture. Be creative and you can make a big impact with affordable updates, like resurfacing existing fixtures e.g. baths, basins and tiles. For wooden furniture such a tall boys and side tables a simple coat of paint has the ability to bring them up to date and it’s surprising how cheap it can be.

Think long-term

When the budget is tight we often overlook long-term savings and focus on the present renovation however, it can be beneficial to look into energy efficient savings such as LED lighting, even high quality timeless fixtures that will last a lot longer, visually and durably.

Don’t make unnecessary changes

A classic example of this is moving plumbing such as toilets, basins and the kitchen sink etc. If the layout works and is functional then you really have no need to move these items unnecessarily, they cost money and add extra time to your renovation.

Try to use stock items

Making anything custom is obviously going to cost a lot more! I suggest using stock items and stock sizing where possible, it will save a lot of money and reduce the chances of measurement mistakes. The only time custom fixtures and furniture may be justifiable, is when they increase the efficiency of the room without having to increase the size e.g. Using custom shelving to maximize the potential of a small space or wardrobe.

To help make you renovation a breeze it is essential to have your property running like a well oiled machine on autopilot, that way you can focus on the renovation and not day-to-day tasks like rates and allotments.

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