A craze or perhaps it’s the new fad? Whatever you want to call it Pokémon Go is taking over and if you haven’t played it or heard about it, you may soon be in the minority rather then majority.

As the game is still in it’s infancy, I would encourage the early adopters in the Accommodation industry to get on board with unique and innovative ways to attract the Pokémon Go players to their property.

You may be thinking how on earth do I integrate a game into my Hotel or Apartment building…

Lets take Mantra for example:

Mantra has just announced its properties in Sydney and Melbourne are one of the first to become Pokémon Go friendly! The trick is to figure out a way to monetise the game with deals, promotions, special events and a never-ending supply of Pokémon Lures! Mantra have grasped this concept very well by having free Pokémon Lures in the Hotel bars, incentivising customers to eat and drink at the bars as well as stay in their Hotel rooms.

If you don’t know much about the game you probably have no idea how this is possible or what a Lure is!

Here is how Lure’s work:

Each Lure module lasts 30 minutes and causes a flood of Pokémon to appear at an elected Pokéstop (this could be your Hotels bar, restaurant, pool etc.). The Pokémon showup in the games map and users have to travel to the destination to catch the wild Pokémon.

Lures in the game come up occasionally for free however, they are very rare.   Fortunately, you can also purchase them directly for about $1.20 per hour. This gives you a massive influx of customers who want to catch Pokémon and while they are doing so might be inclined to purchase extras such as food and drink from your Accommodation Building. This can also been classified as good branding for your property, as you will start to receive higher foot traffic therefore, attracting people who didn’t know you existed before!

The Pokémon Go trend is still new therefore, I would encourage Accommodation Providers to get on board before it becomes a saturated market and everyone starts to purchase Lures! Think of unique ways to implement the game you’re your business and remember you don’t have to play the game to profit from it!