Limited holds some important patents regarding distribution and pricing of inventory.

These patents for our unique cloud-based application use real time data, based on supply and demand, including time to expiry, to maximise a vendor’s distribution, turnover and profit. The patents are used by AutoYield products and the Allotz Autopilot Channel Manager.

US Patent 10198494

Control of distributed databases

Abstract: There is provided a method of using a central computer system, which has a central relational database, systematically to refresh a distributed database that is distributed over a plurality of distributed computer systems and that includes distributed database fields that are for storing contingent values that are contingent on sporadic interactions between terminal computer systems and the distributed computer systems and that are affiliated with central database fields in the central relational database. The method includes recurrently, at receiving times, receiving contingent values of the distributed database fields from the distributed computer systems. The received contingent values are stored, in the central relational database, in succession with previously received and stored contingent values of the distributed database fields, so that, for each distributed computer system an associated series of successive contingent values is built.

Status: Granted
Filed: October 7, 2015
Date of Patent: February 5, 2019
Assignee: Limited
Inventors: Martin McConnachie, Helen Johnson, Geoffrey Toogood, Daniel Paul Ruul

Australian Patent 2007252290

The management of inventory allocations

Abstract: A method of managing inventory allocations includes the step of receiving, in a data processing apparatus, data relating to the sale of items of inventory allocated to respective re-sellers. The data is processed to obtain data relating to sales performance of one or more of the respective re-sellers. The method includes adjusting a price for which inventory allocated to that respective re-seller is to be sold by depending on said data relating to the sales performance of the respective re-sellers and / or re-allocating inventory items from that said respective re-seller to other respective re-sellers. The invention extends to a software product and to a system.


Status: Granted
Filed: May 18, 2007
Publication date: November 25, 2010
Assignee: Limited
Inventors: Helen Johnson, Andrew Loch, Geoffrey Toogood, Daniel Paul Ruul