What is packaging

Packaging is bundling products and services together with room nights. Generally, hotels package breakfast or food with a length of stay, some properties like to package local events, spa treatments, airport transfers etc. it’s really up to the property to be creative. Don’t be fooled by the word “packaging” it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to discount this is really up to the individual hotel to decide, after all it can even be considered a convenience to the customers e.g. adding in airport transfers with a booking, this can be one less thing for the customers to worry about when going away.

Why should you package

Packaging isn’t for everyone and not all accommodation business do it, however making the decision to package room and service can be very valuable here’s why:

1. Packing your products and services together often makes your product more appealing to travel agents and wholesalers, this is because it gives their customers more then just the room night and they can potentially tie in two bookings together e.g. Airport transfers and 7 nights accommodation, usually this would be booking two separate things: The hotel and the Airport transfer, however, with the use of a package this can be made into one easy booking, reducing the travel agents time and increasing efficiency and making it easier for the customer.

2. Packages stimulate demand! This can be particularly useful in low season or off peak periods, attractive pricing and bundling give customers the justification they need to book a holiday at you property.

3. Packages can drive new market segments. Packaging is a beneficial tool for targeting new segments. E.g. you could offer a package that appeals to a new market segment or customers that wouldn’t typically stay at your property. This is a great way of marketing your property to people who might not have heard of it before.

Promote your package

Now you’ve created your packages it’s time to promote them, the best place to start promoting is your website, social media accounts and booking engine on your website, this will give you the initial coverage you need. Once you’ve got these up and running and you can see they are successful, the next step is to get the packages available for sale on third party online travel agents e.g. Booking.com, Expedia and Agoda. Advertising your packages on the OTA’s will give you a lot more exposure, just remember to take the commission into consideration as this can potentially reduce your profits.

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