As all bloggers know sometimes blogging can be a tough task… Especially when you are having a creative block or can’t think of you next topic. – This is a very real feeling for most boggers. However, as we know the benefits of pushing through and getting that blog out to your readers is such a great feeling and all the hard work pays off in the end.

Benefits of blogging regularly

Increase search engine traffic: It is a known fact that blogging increases website traffic. This is because the more content you post on your website the more pages from your domain name exist and become indexed. As a result, this will improve organic growth and increase the chances of your website being found with a simple Google search.

Humanizes and gives your brand a personality: having an active blog enables you to share things you are passionate about, voice your optinion, share useful information etc. All of these aspects of a blog enable you to build a following, which indirectly increases your brand’s likeability.

Have a blogging strategy

Having a blog strategy isn’t an essential component of running a blog however, it is extremely advisable. Blog strategies are a very useful way of staying on track with you blog and not falling behind or struggling to find a topic to write about for your weekly blog.

Plan in advance: The first step to a blog strategy is planning in advance. Planning is a great way to keep you on track, not all bloggers are planners, understandable but, if you are not a planner then you must be very consistent with your posting.

First step is to sit down with a calendar and plan your blogs a month in advance  you do not have to write all your blogs in advance, topics and dot points are sufficient planning the strategy is the key.

Planning your topics can be difficult, remember that certain times of the year might bring on certain topics e.g. Christmas and other significant holidays, news, industry deadlines, trending now etc.

Set you day: As we all know it’s pretty easy to push something until tomorrow, next week or even next month, we are all guilty of that in some way. A fantastic way to overcome this is to set a day each week for planning, writing the blog and a spare day for posting the blog. It is advisable to have separate days of the week for each so you don’t get bogged down with writer’s block or lack of motivation. This also helps things stay fresh. Having said that, if you are having a super creative day and have heaps of great topics in mind write away, there is nothing bad about writing multiple blogs in one day.

Handy hit: If you have a creative splurge, don’t post them all at once, stage the posts. E.g. A common mistake with bloggers is having a massive creative spell and posting 5 blogs in one week and then nothing for a month… Best practice is to hold off (as much as you might be exited to get them out) and post one a week, this way your blog is consistently updated and your readers stay happy.

When times get tough

Sometimes times get tough and we fall behind – this isn’t uncommon, things pop up all the time that can take priority.

So, what should you do when your blog is due and you haven’t completed any work?

Step 1:  Don’t Panic, that doesn’t help anyone…

Step 2: Reach out to fellow bloggers and staff members for topics and ideas.

Step 3: Look back on previous blogs and try to get some ideas

Step 4:  Google trends in your industry

Step 5: Finally, look in your files for any incomplete work

Step 6: Write you blog

Following these 6 steps should get you out of trouble almost every time.

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