At a time when the majority of people are purchasing accommodation online based on value and price, setting and adjusting your room rates in order to attract customers can be a very challenging and time consuming task.

Enter ‘Yield Management’

Yield Management is the process of adjusting your room rates in response to room supply and demand while taking occupancy into consideration in the effort to maximise profits. Basically, selling the most amount of rooms at the best possible price for the best overall profit.

Many hotel and accommodation providers have told us that they are 'flying blind' when setting their room rates - and because they don't know what the best rate is, they are constantly changing the rates in the effort to find the optimum rate.

This takes up a massive amount of their time.

In fact, this is how most hotels and accommodation providers usually attempt Yield Management - a continual and time consuming process of trial and error.

There is finally a way to perform true Yield Management for your business.

The new Allotz Autopilot channel manager has an integrated yield manager which automatically adjust pricing in real time to ensure the best possible room revenue yield based on supply and consumer demand.

-  Are you tired of constantly adjusting rates?

-  Are you unsure of the right rate to sell your rooms at?

-  Does your channel manager offer true ‘set and forget’ room distribution and ensure that your rooms are always for sale in the right place at the right time?

- Do you wish that you could switch your Yield Management on autopilot?

Then Allotz Autopilot may be the best solution for you.

Changing to Allotz Autopilot is easy. Our specialist staff can set help you make the switch today easily and effortlessly.

Make the change now