The World Wide Web – A fantastic tool for everyone! Although, like everything it also has negative attributes – in the accommodation industry this is in the form of bad online reviews and ratings. So, as an accommodation provider how can you avoid them?

Before you even think about it deleting them isn’t the answer, there are many other places on the Internet these “deleted reviews” can be found. – What this means is that maintaining and monitoring reviews is essential! After all, Service is the foundation of the Accommodation Industry.

How to effectively manage and monitor online reviews and ratings:

Know the source

A very important part of being a hotelier is knowing and understanding your market! What I mean by this is having the knowledge and information at hand for all aspects of your business – including where customers can review your property! Everyone knows of Tripadvisor but let me tell you there are many many more online review sites at a customer’s disposal. It’s import to be aware of these sites and monitor them on a regular basis; all reviews should be acknowledged especially negative ones…

Make amends

Sometimes we just have to eat humble pie and move on… As much as it can frustrate us all at times in hospitality, “the customer is always right” and sometimes we just need to swallow our pride to ensure the customer walks away satisfied.

In a perfect world all guests should walk away from your property happy and satisfied however, we can’t please everyone. When a guest isn’t satisfied its very important to try to remedy the problem and make amends with the customer, show them that you care and are sorry they didn’t receive the experience they expected! This can be done in many ways however, a few simple ways are offering them something as compensation e.g. Free breakfast next time they stay, a Spa voucher, complementary late checkout etc. the list goes on! All you need to do is ensure the guest is satisfied and won’t go out of their way to write a negative review, most importantly they come back!!!

Don’t just read them fix them! 

At the end of the day it doesn’t matter if you’re a highly rated 5 star hotel, there is always someone that is going to be unhappy- it’s unfortunate but true! Therefore, the only way to try and avoid negative reviews is to take all reviews seriously and really drill down into the problem. – Particularly when the negative review is service related. All reviews should be handled professionally by management or someone when the skills and training to deal with them.

Surveys Surveys Surveys…

It’s hard to believe that not all hotels do guest experience surveys however, it’s the alarming truth! These surveys are absolutely invaluable to your accommodation business and often prevent guests completing negative online reviews. If you don’t ask guests to compete them on checkout, you can get them to complete them by email as an electronic survey that they can do online at home after their stay. Like Guest experience surveys bad online reviews should be taken very seriously by management and corrected where relevant.

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