There are many possible causes of conflict, some of which can lead to aggression. Some of the major ones may be:

  • Scarce resources- two parties want the same thing
  • Adversity- economic hardship can increase stress.
  • Faulty communication- a person may misinterpret a remark
  • Perceived differences- people have perceived differences from others, whether it may be race religion etc.
  • Biology- aggression may be apart of having a biological problem.
  • Environment- heat or crowding
  • Health- tired or sick people may have less tolerance.

Conflict handling styles

Conflict and handling conflict can effect people in different ways. It is argued that people tend to have one dominant style of conflict handling, out of a possible five styles:

1. Competing

2. Collaborating

3. Compromising

4. Avoiding

5. Accommodating

One style is not better than another; they each have something different to offer.

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