In the accommodation industry most hoteliers want more direct bookings however, to get direct booking we need to be driving people or prospects to your website. – That’s the tricky part.

Firstly, if you have an accommodation business and you don’t have a website and live booking engine, you need to get them as a matter of priority, your website should be treated the same as a shop front window (if you had one). The point I’m making here is that no one is ever going to be able to book direct if you don’t have a website with a booking engine, you certainly cannot rely on phone bookings.

Now that you have a functional website you need to drive traffic to it and increase your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

Follow these six simple tricks to help increase SEO:

1.    Regularly check your site for Errors:

Unfortunately, we all make mistakes there is nothing that can be done about that, the important thing is that your website is checked regularly for these mistakes. Mistakes can be anything from misspelt words to broken links etc. These simple mistakes can have a big effect on your websites performance, ensure someone in the team is checking regularly to avoid getting penalised.

2.    Create valuable content

Creating content is easy however; creating valuable content can be tricky! The trick here is to create content that is relevant and interesting your target market, also ensure it can be easily shared. First of all your website should have a blog or media page where you can easily post this valuable content, you should then be putting these posts on your social media sites so your followers can easily read and share them. – Sharing goes a long way for SEO.

3.    Don’t duplicate content

One thing about creating content, it isn’t easy to create, this is why you need to ensure that you aren’t accidentally duplicating content without realising. For example, if you have something important on your site like a flash sale, it is better practice to change the content on the page sightly rather then copying then mirroring the exact content. Duplicate content can confuse search engines that can result in you getting penalised.

4.    Use social media to your advantage

Social media pages are so valuable to any business that’s why it’s important to have these pages and more importantly use them. Publishing your blog posts on social media with links back to your website is great for SEO. Posting on social media is not only great for SEO it can also be another great way to get direct bookings, by publishing posts such as flash sales with a link to your booking engine will not only get people engaged but it will also drive traffic to your website. – It’s a win-win all around.

5.    Call-to-actions

Always use a call-to-action make it easy for users to contact you if they find your content relevant.

6.    Ensure your site is performing on all platforms

With the rise in mobile users all websites must be mobile friendly, that’s a given, but It’s also important that your website loads quickly and correctly on all devices and web browsers.

SEO can be a difficult skill to master and the bad news is it’s forever changing therefore, you always need to keep up-to-date with the latest technique to ensure good SEO for your website. – This seems like a big task right? Lucky Accommodation providers have access to a new tool “The Konnector” from Allotz. We can help you automate your social media marking, drive traffic to your website and convert leads into direct bookings.

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