Ensuring you Internet connection is secure or “hard” to access is a very important part of any business. The Internet is a way for us to connect to the outside world – But what is also means is that it can be a direct channel to your computer. Security has never been so important because if your connection isn’t secure your personal information could be stolen e.g. financial information, passwords, or even personal information you may have stored on your computer.

How to protect your Internet connection:

The good news is that it’s not actually that difficult to secure your wireless network and protect your computer from the “bad guys”

1. Ensure your wireless connection has a password to access it.

2. Change the default admin password on your modem. – This is important as sometimes these can be available online and well known to computer hackers.

3. Ensure your password is secure with a WPA/WA2 (Wi-Fi protected access) encrypted password/ network key.

4. Disable remote modem administration, or limit access to a fixed IP address. – This will reduce the risk of someone unauthorised accessing your network.

5. Enable a firewall and security features and virus protection on all devices.

Extra protection

If you want to be really secure and guarantee you network is hidden you can hide your network SSID (a technical way of saying network name). Generally when setup your modem your SSID will be automatically visible from a device if in range however, you have the ability to hide this from most people and devices. – Anyone who knows the network name and password will still have the ability to connect to it.

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