Creating Press ReleasesWhen it comes to promoting your hotel, writing press releases is an important part of your overall marketingeffort.  Online marketing gives you the opportunity to promote their business while addressing relevant issues.

With the widespread use of the internet for disseminating information, more and more readers are getting pickier about they read. If your press release does not appear useful, relevant and appeal to what the readers are concerned with, it won’t be read. Your effort will have been wasted and your promotion will fall flat.

With that in mind, there are tips that will make your press releases more appealing:

Use Current Events

Timely and relevant stories can be based on events happening in the industry. With wait times between writing and disseminating press releases practically having reached zero, press releases can be crafted as the news happens. This is a great way to show your customers that you are on top of a given topic or situation and that you keep abreast of what is going on in the accommodation and travel industry.

Release Stories About Services

Whenever your hotel does anything – offer new services, change pricing, offer a discount or special rate – you have the opportunity to write a press release about it. You are trying to keep your customers informed about what you are doing, perfect news for a press release. Although this can be overdone. Avoid indulging in blatant, or over the top marketing. Remember to  maintain your professionalism while still marketing your hotel.

Marketing Drives are News

When you engage in any promotional activity, you can turn that into news and create a press release about what promotion means or the results of it. Most marketing ideas have the potential to be turned into press releases.

Professional Achievements are Industrial News

Each time you or a staff member make an achievement, or reach a goal, turn it into an effective marketing tool by releasing the news to the public. Be sure to involve the people in your business. Staff love the exposure, and the public love hearing good news stories about happy staff. People love to go where staff are appreciated and are happy.

As a hotelier, you are in the business of catering to your customers, writing press releases is no different than the rest of your business. You want your customers to be interested in what your company is doing. The best way to keep customers informed of your professional services is by tailoring press releases. You can take it even further by cleverly weaving customer reviews, feedback and opinions within those press release.