As most accommodation providers know building a strong team environment isn’t an easy task, in fact, it’s a fine art! However, to get the most out of your employees you must create a positive working environment for your entire team.

To build a successful team environment in your accommodation business follow the twelve C’s of Team Building:

Clear Expectations:  The Team’s outcome and performance should be shared

Context: it’s very important that all team members have a clear understanding of the tasks at hand and why it’s important to be working in a group environment.

Commitment: All team members must be ready and willing to participate in the team environment and most importantly they must feel that the team mission is important.

Competence: Does the team consist of the right people with the right skills to complete the tasks at hand? Importantly, does the team feel like the members are knowledgeable and have the skill capacity to complete the tasks at hand?

Character: Having defined goals is very important, its up to the group to define goals, targets and outlines in relation to a timeline. The team should also work out an effective measurement tool to measure the targets and goals.

Control: Does the group have enough control to make and action decisions?

Collaboration: Are all members of the team working effectively together to complete tasks? Does the team understand the team process and can they problem solve as a group?

Communication: Communication is a massive part of having a good team environment – Communication must be clear between everyone including management, team members and owners. Having effective communication in a working environment will help to eliminate any conflict that could potentially arise.

Creative Innovation:  Taking everyone’s ideas and creative proposals into account is an important part of team building; staff must feel as if someone is listening to all their hard work.

Consequences: All team members must be accountable for errors, poor judgement and mistakes. Equally, good work shouldn’t go unrecognised – team members must be rewarded.

Coordination: All teams must appoint a responsible leader who should delegate tasks and responsibilities.

Cultural Change: All viewpoints of people in the team are taken into account, so that no opinion is left of rejected.

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