In this day and age getting a bad review is a lot more then an angry phone call or disgruntled guest at reception. Unfortunately one unhappy guest’s thoughts can be spread to millions of readers around the world. This means getting bad reviews can result in losing potential guests so, how do you prevent bad reviews?

There are two very common mistakes when dealing with bad reviews:

 1. Deleting

This is probably the worst possible thing to do when receiving a bad online review. This will not only anger the posting guest more but removing it doesn’t necessarily mean removing it. What does this mean? There are multiple places people can post bad reviews, just because you remove it from Tripadvisor  does not mean it’s removed from or any other accommodation forum.

2. Avoiding

Lets just make this clear, you are in the accommodation industry you are not playing a game of hide and seek. Responding to guests gives you the opportunity to remedy the issue and get the unhappy guest to return. It could be as simple as a free breakfast next time they stay of a gift voucher to the Spa or local restaurant.

How to avoid and minimize bad online reviews:


Understanding where the reviews can be posted is very important, almost everybody has used Tripadvisor so we know that’s number one! Therefore monitoring this sight thoroughly is critical to the success of your property.

Its’ important to understand that there are multiple platforms customers can review your property on, this does not mean you should monitor each platform, all it means is that you should be aware of them and the potential repercussions. It is impossible to be across all the platforms all the time, I would suggest checking them sporadically and focusing on Tripadvisor as it is the biggest online platform for reviews.

Use it as constructive criticism

Reading negative reviews about your property can be hurtful; there is no doubt about that! Although it’s hard, reviews should be taken as constructive criticism and used to better your property. Getting a professional to review your property can be expensive, you should be using these reviews as a time to grow and improve your customer’s experience.

Bad reviews are going to happen regardless of what you do, the only thing you can do is deal with them appropriately.

– Fix the problem – If the customer complains about a dirty room or ripped bed sheets ensure this issue is fixed so another customer doesn’t complain about the same issue. Please take every review seriously!

– Repair the relationship with the guest –  you want to ensure the guest returns, it is your responsibility to remedy the problem and ensure they return.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

A great tool to avoid negative reviews is to ask your guest to complete a survey on departure. This will give you instant feed back when they are checking out and it will also give you the opportunity to remedy the problem before they go home to their keyboard! This might be a hard routine to get into at the start and some guests might not want to fill them out however, theses surveys will help you understand your faults and where you can improve.

Remember customer satisfaction and service are the foundation of the Hospitality industry.

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