Probably one of the most frequent questions we receive here at and it should really be a simple answer but it is definitely not…

What we like to tell all Allotz Autopilot Clients is put yourself in your prospective customers’ shoes, think to yourself when would my target customer book a holiday and why? There could be multiple answers here e.g. school holidays and the start of the “xyz” festival or maybe you get a lot of business travellers and get lots of last minute bookings, this really all depends on what type of customer you get staying at your hotel…

If you are reading this and thinking well I’m not really sure what kind of customer base we have frequently coming in, you must read our Target Market blog.  This blog will help you understand and define your target market without having to spend large amounts of money on professional marketers.

As a rule of thumb we like to advise customers to have their rates and allotments set in conjunction with airlines, the reason being is you want prospective guests to be able to book their flights and accommodation at the same time and not separate. This applies to travel agents’ flights and hotel packages with Expedia etc.  Typically speaking airlines release tickets 11 or 12 months in advance therefore, we always advise accommodation providers to have their rates and allotments set a minimum of 12 months in advance. – This is a general rule of thumb that is almost guaranteed to keep you safe!

Allotz Autopilot is a very flexible system, it allows our clients to set their rates and allotments as much as 10 years in advance – we say the earlier the better!!

Another aspect to take into consideration is local events that will potentially drive traffic to your hotel. E.g. The Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast in 2018, many accommodation providers will already have bookings for this time.  When a large event like The Commonwealth Games is coming to your area, its important to be aware and make an effort to set your rates and allotments ahead of time to encourage longer bookings.

Follow this simple and generic rule of thumb when setting your rates and allotments to maximize your prospective guest booking options.

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