With traveler’s today becoming more dining aware and the travel foodie specifically holidaying to experience the latest “it” restaurants and bars, now is the time for accommodation providers to brush up on their knowledge of the local restaurants, bars and eateries, what is served, pricing and popularity.

Keeping up with the popularity of restaurants and bars in your area is a great way to boost your bookings with the growing trend for people holidaying with dining experiences as the focus. Reading up on websites, blogs and tourism sites will help to promote your dining hot spots. It doesn’t matter where you are everyone has their local culinary claim to fame.

People are now more than ever looking for a unique dining experience rather than just a place to eat, you need to capitalise on what your local area has to offer and affiliate your property with the most popular local restaurants.

In the past people would choose a destination and then choose the local restaurant to dine, people are now using local bloggers opinions and internet food guides, they have a wider array of information at their fingertips and will generally choose to stay where there is a variety of dining available that suits their standards and expectations.

With everyone on social media taking photos of their meals and telling friends of their experiences, it is well worth liking and sharing local restaurant pages on your own sites. This gives prospective clients the ability to link your property with local restaurants, bars and eateries.

Follow, friend and share other local businesses, restaurants and tourism sites, your popularity will grow before your eyes. Make the most of your local market and promote any food festivals, wine tastings and restaurant grand openings as much as possible, this will then spread your name further.

If you have your own restaurant on-site you have the added bonus of appealing to the latest food trends and local cuisine that is popular in your area. Change your menu regularly, promote any changes on social media and your website. You must consistently report on your site with interesting photos of your signature dishes and happy customers dining out at your restaurant.

Food tourism is fast becoming the new niche market don’t miss out on the opportunity to add this discerning group to your market share.