A Gold Coast company that has pioneered technology for the hospitality industry says it can help accommodation providers who have been struggling for bookings ahead of the Commonwealth Games.

Allotz uses real time supply and demand to set prices for maximising occupancy and revenue.

While the big hotels groups are thoroughly prepared for next week’s visitor invasion a staggeringly high number of available beds are in danger of ending up in the bargain basement or worse – empty.

Allotz’s cloud-based software allows smaller operators to compete with the major chains.

“There is no reason why motels, caravan parks, serviced apartment building managers, hostels and B‘n’B operators can’t use technology to compete with the big hotels,” Allotz GM Chris Curtis said.

For a small monthly fee Allotz provides accommodation businesses with the chance to adjust pricing according to supply and demand at any one moment.

“It would be a tremendous shame if these businesses weren’t able to make the most of the unique opportunities that should be on offer from an event as unique as the Games,” Mr Curtis said.

Based at Southport, Allotz has the Australian patent on the revolutionary concept for dynamic variable pricing.

“Our technology is set and forget. When the system detects either a shortage of beds or an excess, the price is adjusted in real time to reflect actual demand. There is no guesswork.

“Accommodation managers simply set the parameters for the highest and lowest prices – and the market forces determine the right price for the right time

“Although the games begin next week it’s by no means too late to register and have the
Allotz application going straight to work on your behalf keeping an eye on inventory levels and rates 24×7.”

Mr Curtis said the Allotz software would provide a great opportunity for the Gold Coast economy to take full advantage of the Commonwealth Games and major events in the future.

“This event will go a long way towards refreshing the GC’s international reputation as a top-drawer destination – and our tourism operators have a chance to make a lot of hay while the sun is shining to help secure their futures for the next wave of visitors.

“Allotz is giving the Davids of our industry a genuine chance to compete with the Goliaths. In fact, we are happy to give any Gold Coast business who signs up for any of our products before the end of the Commonwealth Games a free 6-month subscription.

“To use a topical analogy – the playing field should be even for everyone involved in making the most of major events”

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