Having recently covered the age of the millennial generation, I though it important to also follow up on the their previous demographic, Generation X.

The Oxford Dictionary –

The generation born after that of the baby boomers (roughly from the early 1960s to late 1970s), typically perceived to be disaffected and directionless:

 ‘Generation X has grown up with IT’

Generation X can take all the credit for perfecting search engines and social media platforms they were at the forefront of the computer age, while not as needy when it comes to computers and gadgets they still understand and utilise them for its daily uses without being obsessed.

This age group is now heading into their late 30s and 40s born between 1965 – 1979 Generation X comprises 4.65 million Australians, this generation is the target market for many accommodation destinations aiming at the family market.

As this generation are the parents of the majority of school age children, the timing of their travel plans closely follow school calendars and their destinations are closer to home. These small family units prefer short sunny holidays away with an aim to relax, family outings are preferred as opposed to the adventure trips Millennials make. Gen X have more demanding careers and with raising children and aging parents it’s a busy time for them. They have worked hard to earn their salaries and most will have lost a portion of their savings during the economic downturn, they are careful with their money and aren’t as frivolous as millennials.

They want to feel like they have left their lives behind when going on holidays and insist on the higher end of accommodation as a reward for all their hard work. It needs to be relaxing and organised and above all clean and tidy, although still interested in adventures you will generally find them sipping cocktails by the pool while the kids play. Trip Advisor found in Australia, Gen X want to be close to the attractions they came to see and of the 22,180 Generation X travellers surveyed there was a surprisingly small percentage interested in any form of adventure travel, safari/wildlife tours or scuba diving or skiing. Maybe all we need when going away is good food and a good night’s sleep, without the pressures and worry of day to day life.

They are more likely to stay in a hotel as a couple or in self-contained accommodation with the family, they may not travel far but Generation X are the highest spenders of all the demographics.

Trip Advisor’s study found that Generation X’s travel budget is up 31%, they also use an online method of booking more than any other generation, they are influenced more by TripAdvisor reviews than hotel ratings or word of mouth.

In conclusion, Generation X make up the majority of regional domestic travellers, as they book shorter stays closer to home than other generations. They need a little luxury for their hard-earned dollar, the kids and maybe even their aging parents will be travelling with them. Small adventurous day trips maybe the order of the day and they need to believe they are getting value for money. They are prepared to shop around on-line and look for the best deals, needing new experiences, boutique accommodation and interesting food, that is still relatively close to home.

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