Regardless of the size of your accommodation business, having an online presence is absolutely essential. A Common misconception about being online is that is can be expensive. Although this can be true under certain circumstances there are a plethora of free tools out there to assist with your online presence. It is essential for small to medium accommodation businesses to utilise these tools, in my experience Google has a fantastic variety of free tools available for use.

Three of my favourites are:

Google Analytics

In a nutshell Google analytics is a free tool that tracks and reports website traffic, like everything there is also a paid version however, for small to medium accommodation businesses the free version is more then enough. Google Analytics is great for:

–       Tracking where users come from

–       What pages they view

–       Time Spent on viewed pages

–       Giving information on what time your users visit

–       Best days of the week for traffic

–       Real-time analytics e.g. Active users

–       New vs. returning

Google Analytics provides a large array of information about your website. 

Google my business

Google my business is an absolutely essential tool for all businesses large and small. This tool is especially important for accommodation providers as it makes locating your property simple.

Google analytics is not only great for locating your business it’s a well-rounded tool for managing your online presence with the following features:

–       Managing your businesses information

–       Customer reviews

–       Interacting with customer reviews (responding)

–       Google Maps interaction

–       Insights e.g. number of searches or phone calls

Think with Google

Think with Google is the perfect tool to use when planning campaigns.  This marketing tool provides up to date market trends, marketing insights, industry research and of course creative inspiration. With these tools on hand accommodation providers can easily plan effective campaigns and track their performance with Google analytics.

Google has some fantastic tools to help accommodations businesses small and large, use these tools to your advantage!

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