Last week we spoke about how to manage your online presence with the help from Google:

Free Tools From Google To Help Accommodation Providers With Their Online Presence.

Now your have your online presence sorted its time to effectively manage your social media pages. As we know, social media is a fast going medium for business large and small, and lets be honest, it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon… My advice to ALL accommodation business is to get your business on social media yesterday… It is absolutely essential for all accommodation businesses large and small to be active on social media – you simply cannot afford to miss out on the opportunities social media present.

Many small to medium accommodation businesses have limited resources, this means that often one person can be doing multiple roles. Therefore, adding social media to the list all seems like too much. Fortunately there are many free tools to help small business manage their social media accounts. Similarly your online presence, yes this can be expensive and yes many large firms have teams of people doing this as their full-time job however, this doesn’t always have to be the case.

Top three free online tools to help accommodation business manage their social media presence: 

Likeable Hub

Likeable Hub is a great tool for small businesses without the budget for a marketing team or agency. Likeable hub is great for:

–       Social listening

–       Strategy

–       Social Media Advertising

–       Content creation

–       Lead generation etc

–       Enhance tweets and LinkedIn Posts

This tool is great for Accommodation Providers; they even have mobile App, which makes it possible to complete tasks on the run.


This is a personal favourite of mine and especially useful for managing Twitter accounts.  So, in a nutshell Crowdfire is used to manage your followers on Twitter, what this means is people can no longer get away with following you and then unfollowing you to improve their follower ratio.

Some other great features include:

–       Find relevant users to follow

–       Easily find users in your industry

–       Find inactive followers

–       Compare accounts using the comparison tool

–       Track the success of your profiles e.g. new followers this week, unfollowers and likes etc.

–       Copy followers feature


Hootsuite is a fantastic tool for all social media platforms. It gives you the ability to track and manage all of your social media accounts inducing: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram etc. from the one dashboard. Some things Hootsuite is great for:

–       Scheduling posts

–       Viewing your social media feed from the one location

–       Email reporting

–       Analytics

–       Multi-channel listening

This tool is really essential for all accommodation providers, how great would it be to schedule your social media posts a week in advanced and view the feed from the one location! For busy accommodation providers on the go this tool gives you the ability to manage your social media in your downtimes, focusing on your customers in the busy times.

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