As all accommodation provers know, online travel agents play an essential part of their business by driving bookings and marketing their properties on their online websites. So, how can we improve our ranking on the OTA’s websites? Here are four simple yet effective ways to help improve your ranking:

Complete your profile

Have your profile complete is an essential part of getting higher up in the ranks, although it can sometimes be difficult to find out what you are missing it’s worth the effort. If you cannot work out how to complete your profile you can always consult your account manager, each accommodation business is assigned a local account manager regardless of the channel.

Pictures and descriptions

As a customer there is nothing more frustrating than not being able to determine the difference between room types i.e. lack of images and limited descriptions. The OTA’s feel the same way, they want the end user to have a good experience on their site, they encourage their properties to load a few pictures and have a good description. Adding multiples photos and having a comprehensive description for all the room types will give you an advantage against anyone in your region who lacks in this area. This will also in effect rank you higher up in the list.

Reducing the length of stay

Although short length stays can be annoying to say the least, they can sometimes be a very strategic way to get more bookings. Ok, so everyone has the same theory – no one night stays they leave gaps in the booking chart! This is totally understandable as gaps can be frustrating if you cannot fill them. However, think of it this way; most accommodation provers have the same strategy, no one night bookings, this doesn’t change the fact that the customers only want to stay one night, and they will continue looking online until they find a property willing to offer them one night at a reasonable price.  Opening up your one and two-night stays can give you a competitive advantage against properties in the area who do not allow them, this will in return put you higher on the ranks as many properties will be showing “sold out” if they don’t offer one-night stays.

Keep in mind I’m not saying that you should have your one night stays available 1 year in advance, I’m saying there is definitely a competitive advantage to having one night stays open – owners and managers should be the ones to determine the time frames.

Positive reviews

As all accommodation providers know reviews are a very important part of their business. The OTA’s  do not think differently, they rank you higher if you have more positive online reviews and lower if you have lots of negative reviews. There is no trick here, give your customers a great experience and encourage them to review throughout their say and you will increase your ranking without even thinking about it.

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