As we all know Christmas is a crazy time of year regardless of the industry you work in, but it’s particularly busy in the accommodation industry. Here are four simple tips to keep your customers happy in the festive season:

 1. Websites

Customer satisfaction starts at your shop window or your website, if your website is easy to navigate, pleasing to look at and is a true representation of your property you are instantly off to a good start.

With the rise of technology most of your customers will view your website before enquiring, therefore its important to have lots of information available online such as; facilities, maps, nearby points of interest, local restaurants, handicap facilities and most importantly an easy to use booking engine.

 2. Engage personally

Satisfying a customer is more than just a simile, everyone likes to feel like they are someone and not just another guest – take the time and engage with your customers on a personal level.

Depending on your target market all customers have different needs and requirements, if you operate a business hotel the majority of your guests will want a fast, pleasant and personable experience, on the contrary if you operate a beach resort, I can almost guarantee that 90% of your guests are more then happy to have a chat and hear about the local activates etc. The point I’m making here is engaging personally is different for everyone; all staff in the hotel including management should know the target market and how to engage with them.

3. Address customer complains and requests quickly and effectively,

I agree that nobody likes a guest that complains and the hospitality industry can be particularly demanding – especially with the Internet. However, we get them and will continue to and quite frankly most of the time their points are valid.

Rule number one: when a guest requests something for their room e.g. new pillows or and extra blanket, speed is the key! Waiting an hour is not an option for any guest!

Rule number two: when a guest complains in person, deal with it immediately and ensure they walk away satisfied.

Rule Three: deal with online complains straight away and get the guests contact details so you can personally call them and resolve the issue.

4. Train your staff

A well-run hotel is full of well-trained staff – there isn’t much more to say.  Training staff on customer satisfaction and service complains handling, pleasant phone mannerism etc. It’s basic management however, there is a surprising number of properties who fall over in this department, don’t be one of those properties treat your customers like royalty – they deserve it!