An important part of every accommodation business is to ensure occupancy levels are high all year round, this can be a tricky task practically during low-season. Allotz has developed four key areas where accommodation providers should focus their attention when trying to increase occupancy.

 1.    Creating Packages

Packaging is an excellent way of adding value without giving away too much! E.g. partnering with a local restaurant for a complementary dinner for 2 you might want to have a minimum 4 night stay over a period you choose (ideally low season). – The guest feels like they are getting a good deal and all of a sudden the justification process becomes mush easier, enticing guests that may not have booked before.

Another great way of adding value is to incorporate additional services such as spa treatments, gym or cooking classes, things your hotel already offers to guests.

2.    Creating Mailing lists

Mailing lists are absolutely essential to every accommodation business, I personally can’t think of a better guest then a satisfied past guest! Every single guest that stays at your property should go into the guest mailing list and be contacted regularly. Sending monthly emails is probably the perfect amount of communication, you should not do any more as they will start to feel hassled, equally you should not do any less as they might forget you.

These monthly emails should have specials and packages and maybe even an exclusive repeat guest discount, they should also include any news about the property e.g. the pool area refurbishment etc.

 3.    Using Social Media to your advantage

Social media is an increasingly important platform to be using, not only does it allow your customers to engage and interact with you but you also have the ability to organically grow your business with likes and shares.

Social media tools such as Facebook and Twitter are imperative for creating brand awareness in the accommodation industry. – Let me paint you a picture, a customer comes to your property they are pretty excited about getting away, what is one of the first things they do? Login to the FREE WI-FI and check-in or post on social media – all this does for your business is spread the word and market your property for free!

To find out more about the benefits of free Wi-Fi checkout our blog: The importance of free Wi-Fi.

 4.   Improve ranking on TripAdvisor

The ultimate goal is to be on page one or two in your city. – This is a fairly achievable goal if you can encourage your guests to review their stay at your property. The majority of guests would be leaving their room once a day a least, I can assume that they would pass a staff member or reception when they leave.  You know that the staff at your property have numerous encounter with the guests, this means they have multiple opportunities ask them about their stay, while they are asking about their stay you have two opportunities here:

1. Remedy and issues they may be having

2. Ask them to review their stay on TripAdisor.

Most hotel owners and operators avoid asking guests to review their property however, it’s surprising how many are willing to do so.

If you didn’t get the change to ask for a review and they have already checked-out, don’t stress its not to late! Once a guest has left your property its important to keep the communication flowing via email, initially asking them how their stay was and if they would be so kind as to write a review on TripAvisor – make sure you provide a link to the page, you want to make it as easy as possible. Secondly, sending monthly newsletter and special offers and packages, if the guest was satisfied they will always return!

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