Most people have heard of the old saying ‘Why spend money on advertising trying to attract customers if you’re going to lose them again through poor customer service!’

And one of the main areas where this happens with obvious frequency is in the travel and accommodation sector.

People like to feel special and ‘cared for’ when they stay in paid accommodation and issues such as front desk rudeness, staff disinterest, cleanliness, poor room service and food quality etc. can turn ‘undervalued’ customers away.  And they rarely ever return.

What’s worse, they tell their friends and colleagues and often leave comments on online self-rating websites such as Trip Adviser which attract millions of visits from people wanting to evaluate their accommodation options prior to booking,

As many hoteliers have found, it’s now very easy for a property to get a bad rap and lose customers, simply based on the experience of only one or two unhappy guests.

Rather than spending even more time trying to counter bad press, it’s better to ensure your property is of the highest standard possible by focusing on the key issues that drive customer satisfaction.

One of the reasons why standards fall in even great hotels and resorts is that, in the new world of online accommodation, there simply isn’t enough time or human resources to manage the property, staff, sales and rates simultaneously.

Having a channel manager in place can help with the allocation of room inventory across multiple online reseller channels, but unless the channel manager operates in real-time with direct XML connections, there is still the risk of unsold rooms and/or the overbooking of rooms during busy periods.

And even with this facility in place, many hotel owners and managers still spend hours of valuable time physically setting prices to try and remain competitive during lean times and to maximize revenue during periods of sudden, unexpected demand.

Fortunately, new technology is available that can help overcome these issues.

A new fully automatic, integrated channel management solution, Allotz AutoPilot, is attracting strong industry attention due to its ability to automatically distribute and     re-distribute room inventory from one channel to another at lightning speed to ensure room stock is available for sale where there is demand – while simultaneously adjusting prices to secure the highest possible revenue yield, 24/7.

Allotz AutoPilot automatically determines the best room sell rates based on real-time market demand – so that room stock is priced to sell when demand is slow, and properties reap the very best returns when demand is high.

Now owners and managers, instead of spending hours behind a computer screen managing online room bookings and manually monitoring and setting room prices, can focus on providing their customers with the travel experience they have paid for.

And this will be reflected in positive online ratings and high levels of loyal, return customers.