When checking into a hotel most of the time we walk up to the front desk to find a well-mannered, well-dressed hotel staff member who will call you sir or madam – this is all fabulous but do we still expect this? Or are we searching for fast efficient and convenient service?

As we know technology is advancing at an extremely fast pace, young tech savvy guests are expecting these advances to be in their hotels while they are away!

Here are some new trending, technologically advanced features that will impress your younger tech savvy guests:

Tech check-in

Similar to airlines some early adopter hotels are trialing self-serve check-in, like airlines you can check-in from a kiosk, iPad or Tablet in the lobby. This is a great idea for busy business hotels and even modern/funky hotels.

Keyless Entry

If you have just completed your self-service check-in surely the hotel will have keyless entry to your room or suite? These days hotels are replacing door keys with smartphones – how cool is that you will never have to remember to bring the key again! This is generally done through the hotels App and with the use of Bluetooth, hotel guests will be able to scan their smartphones in place of the key cards to unlock their hotel room door.

Be your own concierge

While we are talking about hotel Apps we might as well talk about some other features they should have. Included in the hotels App should be features such as: the ability to order room service, book a spa treatment, order a taxi or hotel car etc. If your hotel doesn’t have an App, you can also have a table or similar in the guests room with these features. – Having a feature like this really puts the old in-room book to shame!


The one thing I truly love about staying in a modern hotel is being able to do things from the bed or couch, off one electronic device! In most modern hotels the in room-table does it all, from putting the automatic blinds up and down, turning the TV on and changing channels, putting the lights on and off even adjusting the air-conditioning – this is true luxury!

Staying Connected

If you don’t already offer your guest free Wi-Fi start now, you should have been offering this 6 months ago! Giving guest the ability to stay connected throughout your entire property is essential to both business and holiday hotels. Gone are the days where free Wi-Fi was only accessible in the lobby. Not only do you have to offer your guest free Wi-Fi, you need to offer them FAST Wi-Fi which means you must have multiple wireless access points throughout the hotel. Find out more about free Wi-Fi by clicking here.

This type of approach will not appeal to all customers’ e.g. late adopters and more senior guests, however, if you want to compete in a busy technological world its important to know and understand these technological changes.

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