Understanding The Seven Centers Of A Tourism Accommodation Businesses Management Attention

Everything in a tourism accommodation business begins with the leader (that’s you), so business development starts with Leadership.

There is nothing more important to a business than an in depth understanding of its markets and customers in preparation for making sales, so Marketing comes next.

Money is the lifeblood of a business; therefore, it follows Marketing.

Management translates, the leaders vision, and the essential disciplines of Marketing and Money into action through the subsequent centres of business management attention – Client Fulfilment, Lead Conversion, and Lead Generation – the three essential business processes.

When you have your house in order, stage 1 of your business development cycle, your business will be a systemised, smoothly operating business, fully prepared to launch its growth.

When you are growing your business your business development will require more advanced material that has a focus on dealing with the opportunities and problems of growth, and it will have a slightly different order to getting your house in order.  You will be devoted to recruiting and hiring the right people to work your systems as your company moves into the growth phase.

When you move from growing your business to getting free of your business your business development will focus on client acquisition building certain Leadership and strategic (Big Picture) functions into the business, and doing so in a way that enables you to allow the business to become independent of you while minimising the risks of doing so.

People sometimes ask why Client Fulfilment, Lead Conversion and Lead Generation are in that sequence when conducting business development to create a successful tourism accommodation business.  The actual flow and the way the customer sees your business is first through Lead Generation, then through Lead Conversion and finally through Client Fulfilment, so why doesn’t clever business development follow that sequence?

The reason is that a business must always be able to fulfil the promises that it makes.  If you develop your Lead Generation first, you will be making promises to your markets that you won’t be able to deliver until you have developed your Client Fulfilment.  So, you must develop the ability to deliver on your promises before you make them.  To do that you must develop Client Fulfilment, then Lead Conversion and then Lead Generation.


Creating a successful tourism accommodation business will challenge you.  Count on it.

The business development process will also be a lot of fun.  Count on that too.

More than anything else, you will get a deep sense of satisfaction from your growing tourism accommodation business development mastery.  Your small business development knowledge will exceed that of people with degrees from prestigious business schools.  More than that, your personal skills and knowledge will reach the point where the word Master is no exaggeration.  Even more than that, you will have greater clarity about your purpose in life and how you pursue it.  And best of all, you will have the freedom and the money to do just that.

Your business will be what you always dreamed it could be…. and maybe more than you dreamed.

So, will your life.  You will find yourself achieving more of your personal objectives than you ever thought possible.

And you will make it all happen.

What could be more satisfying than that?

Now that we have outlined a road map for you to create a successful tourism accommodation business, our next series of articles will delve into how you are going to turn it into a moneymaking machine.  Then we will introduce you to the best productivity tool to do it.

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