The Seven Centres of a Tourism Accommodation Businesses Management Attention

If you look carefully at your tourism accommodation business, you will notice that there are key functions that are focused directly on interacting and serving customers.  There are also key functions that focus primarily on the care and development of the business itself.  When you view your business as one system, with seven major subsystems you will see a useful and powerful universal business model that effectively demonstrates the integrative nature of all the primary systems in a business.

As you can see below, the first centre, the core of all businesses, is Leadership.

Screen Shot 2017-08-31 at 12.40.05 pm.png

LEADERSHIP defines the relationship between all the centres.  It is the vision and strategy that give direction and purpose to everything, the spirit that injects energy into your business, and the actions of the business’s leader who is the role model for everyone.  So, when you think of leadership – think VISION, ACTION, and SPIRIT.

The top three centres of management attention fall under the category of essential business disciplines.  These disciplines provide the knowledge, the information, and the structural foundation for your tourism accommodation business activities to thrive, and for the bottom three centres of business management attention, known as the Essential Business Processes to occur cohesively.

Together these seven centres, create a high-performance business system – a turn key business system – a business that is a system dependent – a business that is saleable – a business that offers a high equity return.

The Three Essential Tourism Accommodation Business Disciplines Are Marketing, Money, And Management.

Marketing is research and analysis of your markets and customers, and formulation of marketing strategies and tactics that will shape your business processes.

Money represents the financial side of your business.  It is obtaining money, controlling its movement into and within your business, and the creation of your company’s financial value.

Management is the way you manage people, systems, and resources within your business.  It is how you get things done without doing them yourself.

The other three centres are the Essential Business Processes.  They are the Primary work activity centres within your business.  These three centres are the most visible to your clients – all three provide the unique experience of your business – your competitive advantage.

The Three Essential Tourism Accommodation Business Processes Are Lead Generation, Lead Conversion And Client Fulfilment.

Lead generation includes creating awareness in your target markets and attracting customers to your businesses products and services.

Lead conversion includes selling your products or enrolling customers in your services.  It is the conversion of leads into customers.

Client fulfilment includes producing and delivering on your promises made in lead generation and lead conversion.

The business-based functions, called the “essential business disciplines” are not sequential.  They all focus simultaneously on the three essential business processes.

Many ask, “How do I start the business development process in my tourism accommodation business so that I can turn it into a successful money making machine?”

The seven centres of business management attention provide the method.  It is an intelligent and effective way to organise your thoughts around your business, to give you the starting place for planning and execution, to allow you to see your business as a high-performance machine that if built well and maintained well will work marvellously for you so you can live the life you have always wanted.

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