What does it take to get the benefits of becoming a tourism accommodation business master?

Successful tourism accommodation business owners create successful businesses by fully leveraging the following:  Inspiration, Education, Application, Implementation, and Continuous Improvement.

Inspiration is what you need to find in every single business work activity that you engage in.  Inspiration is the wonder, the curiosity, and the excitement that you need to take the next steps.  It is the fundamental shift in thinking that connects every single business development process to each business work activity.  So, it is critical that you find that connection between the business development process and the business work activities, make that shift, and see why it is important to you and your business.

Education is understanding each business development process on a critical level.  It is taking the inspiration and probing deeper into the principles and ideas.  It is seeing how the process connects to your business work activities.  Its seeing exactly how and why it makes sense, so that the logic is transferred from the process to the activities, so that you can start viewing the world through that lens.  New possibilities not recognized before, developed from the new framework of perception (action of gaining knowledge through the senses).

Application begins with the details in the business development processes.  You know they are important and you now understand them, and so the next step is asking and beginning to answer the question, “what will this idea look like in my business and by when?”   This is the door into the realm of the unknown, where it gets uncomfortable.  Remember planning is sometimes done with incomplete information.  But failing to plan is planning to fail.  It won’t always make sense to implement business development right away, it is critical that you create a plan for implementation so your inspiration and understanding are documented to keep them on track to be utilized at the best time in your business.

Implementation is turning your ideas into action through a system.  This is where the rubber meets the road.  You have created a vision for how the process will live in your business; you have a plan with a timeline.  Ultimately it doesn’t mean anything unless you execute.  Put your plan into action.  Involve as many people as you can.  Hold yourself and others accountable, keep your eyes on the prize.  With the inspiration, the understanding, and the application throughout, you are set up to succeed.

Continuous improvement is the realm of quantification.  It is hard for the business owner to hear, but the cycle is never over.  A system can always be improved.  So, this step is about establishing standards for performance, setting review cycles and assigning accountability for management of the system.  How will you know it is working? And if it is working, how will you make it even better?  Business development is a continuous cycle of innovation, quantification, and orchestration.

If tourism accommodation business development mastery is going to work for you in creating a successful business, you must live it.  Whatever you try will not be perfect.  It doesn’t have to be.  Perfection is the mindset of the technician.  Your business is a laboratory.  You refine systems as you go along.  It never ends.  It’s just that your personal involvement in the cycle decreases, as you get free of your business.

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