“Getting more life through your business”

“When tourism accommodation business owners finally decide to go from just working in their business to working on their business, they begin to realize that it is a powerful metaphor for going to work on their life…..that at the heart of the process of creating a successful tourism accommodation business is not efficiency or effectiveness, not more money although that does come…. But simply and finally to create more life for everyone who comes into contact with the business, and most of all, for them, the person who owns it.”

Become A Master At Tourism Accommodation Business Development

According to the dictionary, MASTERY is the “possession of expert skill”.  So, tourism accommodation business mastery would be the possession of expert skills in business management, finance, and marketing etc.  Mastery certainly involves mastering business skills, but there is more to your life than your business.  In other words, your business isn’t your only business your life is your business…the only business that truly matters provided you let it be.

So, if your greater purpose is to master how to live a better, more satisfying life, your tourism accommodation business can be an extraordinary means to that better life with the right skills…. but which skills?  The skill of creating a turn key business that works?  The skill of reaching your highest potential? The skill of leading others in a worldly endeavour?  The skill of living a fulfilling life?

Creating a successful tourism accommodation business is about developing mastery in each of those skills and more.

Picture what becoming a Master in tourism accommodation business development can mean to you, what it would mean to your life if you transformed your business into a money-making machine without the need for you to be there every minute of every day –

“Imagine a tourism accommodation business which is unique in the world, one which is the true manifestation of your vision of the ideal business.  It operates like a finely tuned engine.  In fact, it is so efficient that you can take a vacation, spend extra time with your family, pursue a hobby, play a game of golf, or anything else that you would like to do, anytime you choose.  You never worry about finding employees; all kinds of motivated people will want to work for you.  You never worry about expansion funds; you have lenders lining up to serve you.  You never worry about finding customers; your current customers would never think about leaving, and besides your marketing system works so well, that you have all the new customers that you want.  You never worry about inventory; your suppliers go out of their way to do business with you.  In fact, you never worry about business at all unless you want to.  Your business provides you with all the freedom, joy, life, and money that you deserve.  Your business is a servant to you, you are not a servant to your business.”

You don’t have to imagine it.  It is on the horizon and creating a successful tourism accommodation business that serves you is the highway that will take you there.

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