Oxford Dictionary definition:

Baby Boomer



A person born in the years following the Second World War, when there was a temporary marked increase in the birth rate

The last born of the baby boomers were having their 50th birthdays in 2014 and the first born of this generation are now turning 70. That is 5.5 million Australian Baby Boomers who are now reaching a time of relaxation and travel opportunities. You would assume then that this previously active generation may be slowing down but time and again statistics prove that they are as busy as ever and are travelling as much if not more than the younger generations.

The Baby Boomers have now either retired or are nearing retirement age, they have been a hard working generation and they are now in their spending prime. It appears they are ready to start enjoying the money they have earned and saved.

Thirty-two percent of Baby Boomers said they traveled to strike something off their bucket list in 2015. Statista.

Baby Boomers are also kind enough to bring their families along for holidays with two and three generations having an annual holiday together, it would also add to the need of an active lifestyle and keeping up with the kids and grandkids would make this possible.

Australia’s digital retirement newsletter, YourLifeChoices has recently surveyed their 155,000 baby boomer subscribers, and the more than 5100 responses reveal some interesting insights into the mature traveller’s wish list and travel plans. Thirty one per cent research and book four to six months in advance and twenty five percent twelve months in advance. They don’t require absolute luxury with only five percent looking for 5 star, twenty eight percent were happy with 4 star and overall forty percent of these travellers said that location was a higher priority than luxury. Baby boomers are also happy and confident to book their own travel with 73% saying they would rather travel independently than use guided tours.

This age group are also tech savvy enough to do their online research with 55 per cent starting their research online. Who wouldn’t want this age group staying at their accommodation? Forty one percent of Baby Boomers book travel using a laptop; only nine percent book via mobile. Adweek

AARP research found offering free wi-fi and a complimentary breakfast are the top two must haves for baby boomers which seems like an odd finding as Trip Advisor found they are less active on social media so not as interested in content posted by other travelers or content posted by family and friends