The team at Allotz is proud to introduce a new feature for our Booking Engine. We are now able to offer all properties free Vanity URLs.

What is a vanity URL?

A Vanity URL is a unique web address e.g. your property name that is branded to your properties booking engine link, vanity URLS are used for marketing purposes and to make the direct booking process easier for customers.

Fortunately for all Allotz Autopilot customers you will now be able to customise your very own vanity URL in the user interface of Allotz Autopilot. For larger properties and those wishing to completely personalise their domain name Allotz Autopilot can also offer Vanity domain names. If you are interested in a vanity domain name, simply contact us for further details.

Two benefits of Vanity URLs

Easy to remember

As most accommodation providers know, giving out your booking engine URL can be long and often people get it wrong… How much better would it be to be able to say your So simple and no need to look it up every time someone calls to ask. Not only is it easy to remember, it is also very pleasing to the eye, Allotz customers will never have to say or look at that long URL again!

Easy to use

Quickly and easily use and share your booking engine ULR to your social media pages, prospects or on the phone etc.

Vanity URLs are not only easy to use and remember they also empower online sharing. What does this mean? Lets just say you have happy past guests who loved their stay and makes a recommendation to their friends or family to visit your property, they would usually just say this is the name try searching on one of the online travel agents. Thankfully, they can now easily link them directly to your booking engine with an easy to remember vanity URL – how great is that!

For more information on how you can get your very own Allotz Autopilot vanity URL or vanity domain name, contact us today!

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