Booking Engine

The latest release of Allotz Autopilot’s booking engine is finally here – and it comes with some great improvements that is aimed at increasing direct website bookings for accommodation providers.

Allotz is happy to announce that it has added further functionality to its booking engine for both a better user experience and even greater mobile compatibility.

Tom Taggart, Allotz CEO said yesterday “Mobile compatibility is more important than ever and the dramatic increase in mobile internet users is only going to increase in the coming years. It is becoming vital for accommodation providers to have a booking engine that is mobile compatible in order to accept more direct bookings from their websites – and that’s exactly what we are providing to our valued clients”.

“Our new mobile compatibility makes it easier for clients to perform direct bookings from their mobile devices, with a more streamlined user experience” said Mr Taggart. He added that mobile capability would also allow Allotz clients.

further opportunity to increase their revenue because by having a secure, user-friendly and mobile compatible booking engine, more guests would be likely to book their accommodation directly from the accommodation providers’ website, rather than through an OTA.

Along with the better mobile compatibility, Allotz’s booking engine has also had an overhaul of its graphical user interface (Gui). The GUI now is more user-friendly and is more graphically pleasing for the user.

Mr Taggart also said that there would be further improvements made to the booking engine in the coming months to meet the ever-increasing mobile demands.

While Allotz Autopilot’s booking engine is integrated with the channel manager solution, it can also be used as a standalone system.

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